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‘Oxenfree’ Video Game is Straight Up Side-Scrolling Horror Fun

Hot on the heels of Until Dawn and Life is Strange last year, Night School Studio releases Oxenfree, a coming of age supernatural thriller.

Founded in 2014, Night School Studio is formed by Telltale and Disney alumnis. Their goal is to provide story and games. Oxenfree is a story about a girl, Alex and her new stepbrother, Jonas who go to an island for an end of school party with some friends. Edwards Island used to originally be a military island before undergoing many transformations before it became a tourist trap. Alex was asked to bring a transmitter radio to this party. The reason for that it is rumored that in certain spots of the island, the radio will receive certain non-existing frequencies. That is until, they tune into a channel frequency in the wrong place at the wrong time and unleash a spirit.

Oxenfree is a choice-based adventure game where we play as Alex, a teenage girl. Every choice you make for Alex will impact what will happen to her and her friends. Alex is voiced by Erin Yvette known for her voice as Snow in The Wolf Among Us while Jonas is voiced by Gavin Hammon who voiced Beast, another character in The Wolf Among Us. With unique and beautiful art to match a coming of age supernatural teen thriller, Oxenfree may be set in present day but many who have played it say it reminisces an 80s teen horror flick.

Oxenfree was released on January 15 on Xbox One, PC and Steam.

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