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Is ‘Slime Rancher’ The Most Adorable First-Person Game Ever? (Yes. The Answer is Yes.)

Are the enemies in your games too scary? Tired of endless dark and gritty open-world environments? What would happen if we combined a distant planet, adorable slimes and deep farming? That’s exactly what you’ll find out with a game called Slime Rancher.

A thousand light years away, in a place called ‘Far, Far Range’, you will find Beatrix LeBeau. The gutsy young rancher who decides to try her hand at slime ranching. What is slime ranching, you ask? And why slimes? Quite simply, slimes excrete plorts and plorts are the market. The value for different types of plorts will vary on the market and Beatrix’s mission is to capture and nurture them into helping her get rich.  With a vacpak in her hands and an adventurous spirit, she sets off to explore this new place that is going to make her rich.

Slimes are cute colorful little creatures. They can be in different forms and create certain dangers. Their diets vary and this is where the challenge is. Not only does Beatrix have to farm slimes but she also has to farm the foods that they eat. Moreover, she can breed new slimes to create more valuable ones. There will be little missions and tasks that will help you unlock more areas. You can fly higher with your boots and explore obscure, hidden areas.

Slime Rancher reminisces a little of Harvest Moon but in outer space and with a different species. It’s both cute and smart. Beatrix needs to manage her slimes, farms and money to expand and grow. However, she does need to beware for the little dangers that are lurking also whether its a Boom Slime exploding sporadically or being attacked by a Tar Slime. Fun adventures await Beatrix on her journey to fortune.

Slime Rancher was released on early access on Steam last week.


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