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‘Die Hard 6’ Has More Bruce Willis Than Expected (Yippie Ki Yay!)

Hard to believe that the first Die Hard film was released almost 30 years ago, but there’s been four sequels since, and some might argue they’ve steadily deteriorated from the first. Last year it was announced that Die Hard 6 was in the works and this time it would be, surprise, an origin story. Let’s check in on the what we know so far.

The first issue fans had when that announcement was made that it meant no more Bruce Willis, and a Die Hard film without Bruce Willis is like, well, a Die Hard film without Bruce Willis. What’s the point? An origin story meant going back before the events of Nakotomi Plaza and that meant casting someone younger. Rumors spread that if Willis was to be in the film, he’d be the bookends of a flashback story. Well, fear not. Die Hard 6 (officially called Die Hard: Year One) director Len Wiseman has confirmed that our hero is going to be in the film far more than originally thought. Speaking to Slash Film, he had this to say:

“This character of course is modern day and the origin story if you can call it that has ramifications on present day McClane. What it’s not is it’s not a cameo bookend scenario. It’s a prequel/sequel hybrid that I really haven’t seen before and is incredibly different.”

In fact, as of this post, Willis is the only actor cast and he’s already applauded the approach of two simultaneous storylines happening at different times, and bouncing back and forth. While there are no details about what the modern plot will be, the flashback story will be set in 1979 as McClane walks the streets of New York in a uniform. As he has yet to be the celebrated hero of the hostage crisis in Los Angeles, the story at home is sure to be far more local and hopefully grounded and personal. Our hope is that the events in the early years will help define the characteristic of what McClane becomes and show us the evolution of this now iconic character.

No word yet on who will be playing young John McClane nor if Bonnie Bedelia, who played his wife in the first two films will make a return to the role. Who would you like to see cast as McClane? Let us know in the comments below.

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