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‘Triple 9’ Trailer 2 Released: We’ll Just Say It – Kate Winslet is Scary

Itching for a fast-paced crime-thriller heist movie with lots of big stars and slam-bam action? This up-coming police drama just might hit the spot.

Directed by John Hillcoat (The Road), the story focuses on a band of criminals who join up with a group of corrupt cops and find themselves being blackmailed by the Russian mob, led by the nefarious Irina Vlaslov (Kate Winslet) who forces the two gangs to undertake their biggest heist yet. With the cop’s knowledge of police work, they plan a scheme where half the crew is to murder a rookie officer named Chris Allen (Casey Affleck) and while the police are distracted by the ‘officer down’ 999 call, the others will do the heist.

We already wrote about the first trailer (read it here), and this trailer expands quite a bit on the story and some of the characters, especially Affleck and Anthony Mackie who play partners on the force, though Mackie is involved with the criminals. Once again, the best parts are those that showcase Winslet, who look pants-wetting terrifying, cold as ice and (deliciously) evil. While the trailer lacks the punch of the first, and seems to ebb some of the realistic violence suggested in the first, there is still a lot to like and has us counting the days.

Triple 9 releases in the North America on February 26.



John Hillcoat


Matt Cook


Teresa Palmer, Norman Reedus, Gal Gadot, Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie, Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson, Norman Reedus, Chiwetel Ejiofor

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