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‘Tumbledown’ Trailer is Small Gem

What do you get when you cross funny, sensitive Jason Sudeikis with charming, lovable Rebbeca Hall? Apparently a lot of heartwarming fun as this quiet little gem of a trailer reveals.

Hanna (Hall) is dealing with the sudden death of her husband, a renowned folksinger. While working on his biography, into the small town arrives Andrew (Sudeikis) a big shot writer who is also writing about her husband and his death but with an much different spin, much to Hanna’s aggressive disappointment. Naturally, things settle and the two begin a working and personal relationship that explores the stages of grief and new love.

Sudeikis is continually showing he has the chops for drama and looks to be on the verge of putting himself in contention as one of today’s better dramatic actors with this and the upcoming, highly-anticpated Race about Jesse Owens. Hall is also an underused actress and should shine in this independent film, turning up the charm-wattage to maximum.

Directed by Sean Mewshaw, the film also stars Richard Mauser, Blythe Danner, and Griffin Dunne in supporting roles. The film opens in North America February, 12.



Sean Mewshaw


Sean Mewshaw (story), Desiree Van Til(screenplay)


Rebecca Hall, Dianna Agron, Joe Manganiello, Jason Sudeikis

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