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Video Games: Sony Announces #ps2ps4 And Here’s What We Want

Last week, Gamespot posted a video on Youtube announcing that Sony Playstation has released a tweet asking for what PS2 games the public would like to see available on PS4. They gave it a nifty little hashtag of #ps2ps4. The game choices are from many popular titles to some that I have never ever heard of before.

The world of these new consoles are both great but frustrating especially with the Playstation 4 that can’t play the previous systems’ games, making it incredibly inefficient for space when the gamer now needs to have a functionable console and store all the games. Playstation 2 was when I started getting really into console gaming with a more hands-on experience and not the co-pilot in the adventures. With that, there are some games that hold true and dear to my heart that I’d love to be mastered into Playstation 4 so that we can give it a go in the case that my slim black Playstation 2 fails me.

5aKim Possible: What’s the Switch?

Developer: Digital Eclipse Software


I know it is hard to believe that Kim Possible made my list. It has nothing to do with the fact that the heroine has the same first name as me but the fact that the gameplay for Kim Possible is super adorable and witty. Its a little silly but at the same time, very imaginative. Who doesn’t want to use gum as a weapon and if I remember correctly, there’s even a good bit of teamwork involved also. This is possibly the least likely to ever be made into a PS4 version since Kim Possible is so out now but it doesn’t detract that it is a great game.

4aPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Developer: Ubisoft


It’s the game that started all those reaction based mechanics. The player had to know the controller and be able to react just as well as it was methodically figuring out where to go, how to get out and numerous fight scenes. Prince of Persia is thrilling to play and equally engaging to watch as the story unfolds.  


Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2

Developer: Konami


Dance Dance Revolution is one that I will never get rid of. It’s the one that started up all these dancing games you have now.  Something simple that started in the arcade has a ton of different versions released already.  While I haven’t played the earlier versions thoroughly, I do own quite a few on Playstation 2 but nothing quite beats the fun I get when I put in Supernova 2. It has great song selections and still keeps the heart of the Eurobeat music that started all this up.



Developer: Clover Studios


A wolf and his magical paintbrush that revives a fallen city infected by darkness. There are goddesses and spirits along with silly characters and a bossy sidekick. The game mechanics are fantastic as you get to use the joystick part of the controller to maneuver the brush strokes in various ways to execute attacks and revive the different areas. The art is classic and beautiful all at the same time. It’s an artistically unique gaming experience that everyone needs to try.


Radiata Stories

Developer: tri-Ace


The cream of the crop of my selection has to go to Radiata Stories. This game is what defines a great game. Its like an RPG but with button-mashing attack sequences. It keeps the non-tactical part of life but still giving the thrills of levelling up the character and building your crew as you recruit more available people to join your cause. You play as Jack who travels to become a knight and realizes that he ends up in a battle between humans and non-humans. Halfway through the game, you get to choose who you side with. Along the way, there are side quests to accomplish and favors to do in order to get those characters. The dialogue is hilarious and Jack is one of the most clueless but dynamic characters out there and its not just him, the people he encounters and the magical creatures are a lot of fun. Plus, it has the perfect incentive to make you want to go back and play it all over again to see the second ending.

Runner ups:

  • Tekken 5: It gets bumped down because Tekken 7 will be on PS4
  • Beyond Good and Evil: Fun and creative camera game with some really great creatures except the gameplay can get tedious and objectives are unclear at times
  • Shadow of Colossus: Great monster creations and story except it’s available for purchase on the Playstation Store

What are some games from the PS2 era you’d like to see on the PS4? Let us know in the comments below!

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