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Michael Fassbender Goes Full Assassin’s Creed in just Released Photo

Fans of the popular Assassin’s Creed video games series have reason to cheer (tentatively) as the latest image of Michael Fassbender in another costume from the soon to be released film adaptation. Entertainment Weekly debuted the image, which features Fassbender dressed as Aguilar, the 15th century Spanish assassin he plays in the film, an ancestor of present-day Callum Lynch, also played by Fassbender. In the image, he is on a rooftop with his co-star, Ariane Labed, both looking rather bored, unfortunately.

courtesy EW
courtesy EW

The film is not a direct remake of the game franchise but something inspired by it, with Lynch using special technology to travel back in time as become Aguilar, an assassin in a secret order that has been in conflict with the Knights Templar for hundred of years. As an assassin, he has a variety of special abilities, such as free-climbing skills to investigate and take out targets. It’s not known whether he will be missing the ring finger as featured in the early games for the retractable blade. The picture does give us any hints either.

Fassbender, who admits to not having played the games before signing on to the project, has since corrected that offense and has promised that he understand the character and story very well. Working with director Justin Kurzel and co-star Marion Cottliard, both of whom he worked with on MacBeth (2015), the production looks to be (possibly, maybe, please) the best video game-to-movie adaptation yet (though I’m still partial to Lara Croft punching a shark).

Are you a fan of the video game series? What do you think about the film?



Justin Kurzel


Bill Collage (screenplay),  Adam Cooper (screenplay)

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