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The Wolf Among Us Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing


Episode Summary: In the last fight with the Tweedles and Bloody Mary, Bigby Wolf transformed and was injured by a silver bullet. Dr. Swineheart, the Fabletown physician, helps get him straightened up and warns him that he cannot take another shot or he will die. The Crooked Man is now a confirmed suspect and the first place to look is to follow the scent of Bloody Mary’s trail, while Snow is charged with the duties of being Deputy Mayor. The first change t0 policy she reinforces is to follow the rules, and that means to bring The Crooked Man back alive.

Wolf Among Us

4 redaEpisode ReviewIn Sheep’s Clothing is where all the stories fall into place. We start seeing the cause and effects from other characters based on how we treated them. The biggest thing is that our stakes are upped. This time, being injured further can lead to death. I know that because I died once in a fight. It’s a different game when it makes us focus on our reflexes and reaction time even more. We are thrown with a three-way choice of where to investigate for locations and the order of where you go will determine what you find and who you talk to.  This also becomes a game of how your logic works as to what is more beneficial for Bigby. It’s a good episode. One with intense and engaging action scenes, a deeper storyline and a thoughtful look at how our choices have impacted certain characters.

The Moment In: The Wolf Among Us Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing

Bigby Wolf is back home. Dr. Swineheart just left and Snow is making it clear about being strict on rules and that is the only way to insure order in Fabletown. To her, this was the cause of why its gotten to be so corrupted and that is why this mess all started. Colin, one of the three pigs who lives with Bigby because he can’t afford glamor but constantly escapes the Farm, is ordered to go by Snow. Bigby owes Colin for blowing down his house. While they are at each other’s throats, a lot with their words, Bigby lets Colin stay there for whatever reason. This is when we decide: does Bigby let Colin stay or should he follow Snow’s orders?

Why it Matters: This moment is very similar to a later scene with Mr. Toad.  You will notice a recurring pattern in each episode of a certain theme that shines out because our decisions will have that same sort of notion. In Episode 4, it is about friendship and rules.  Who do you want Bigby to be? That is a tough call.  For me, I personally pick friendship over rules anytime.  My choice is obvious for this one. However, this is who you want Bigby to be. Will that impact a future decision? Up till now, since this moment is at the beginning of the episode, we don’t quite see how our decisions have impacted so it’s a more personal choice. Even if you put that whole cause and effect aside: The Wolf Among Us is almost like Big Bad Wolf character/behavioral analyzation. Bigby was pardoned his crimes for all the wrongdoing he has done in the past, while Fabletown and The Woodlands is his new beginning, it doesn’t mean that everyone has forgiven him. Maybe he hasn’t forgiven himself, what do we know. Why does this moment matter? Its because it shows his humanity and what he values. Maybe Colin can help us. How do we know? Having more friends than enemy is the choice I made for Bigby’s situation but I’m sure following the rules has its own perks. The question is: what would you choose? Which do you value?


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