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The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: The Crooked Mile and the To Kill or Not To Kill Moment

The StoryPicking up right where we left off in Smokes and Mirrors, Ichabod Crane has run away and we suspect him to have a very unhealthy obsession over Snow and possibly the man responsible for the death of the decapitated prostitutes. Bigby is more than angry.  Snow is on edge and Beauty and the Beast are implicated because of their connection to Open Arms.  It leads us to learn that there might be something bigger going on here and it involves a mysterious behind the scenes man called The Crooked Man.


4 redaEpisode ReviewThe Crooked Mile puts everything in perspective. It picks up at full pace. We feel the danger of the situation. There was no doubt that Crane was a scumbag but the reveal of just what he does to a prostitute glamored as Snow is just shocking. This episode is about tough decisions. Bigby needs to decide how to reveal the Crane’s disgusting fetish to Snow. As we track down the leads to find him, we get to choose between three places to go which we end up going to two of the three in the end. Whichever you choose will mean what information you get. Mine was to go to Crane’s apartment and then the Tweedles’ office. It’s a little crazy as there are situations to make deals and it feels like this episode is the stepping stone to many decisions that will make a significant impact in the future, even if we don’t see the immediate effects of it.

The Moment In: The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: The Crooked Mile

One of the biggest decisions is also the moment that impacts us the most. It happens near the end of this episode. A fight is going on after Bigby and Snow find Crane at Pudding N Pie and realize that The Crooked Man’s head minion Bloody Mary is hot on the tracks and they trap them in an alleyway.  The Tweedles start attacking and a fight breaks out. Bigby transforms for the first time and the situation becomes so dangerous after Bloody Mary has shot him a few times. In defense, he rises Tweedledum and has to choose whether to kill him.

Why it MattersThe Crooked Mile is all about our morals.  That last scene much more than others.  It shows how much control we have over our nature.  Through the context of the game over the last three episodes, we learn that Bigby is Sheriff for Fabletown because he has been pardoned by his old ways as the Big Bad Wolf who bothers Little Red Riding Hood and blows down the three little pigs houses, etc.  Now, faced with real danger and uncontrollably shedding his human form, he becomes stronger and more aggressive. This is a split second decision (maybe a little more than that) whether we choose for Bigby to be merciful or ruthless.  Would we regret showing mercy to the Tweedles because they’ve been a roadblock right from the beginning or would killing him make Bigby into someone everyone fears and is that a good thing or not?


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