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The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith and the Who To Help Moment

The Story: Based on the Bill Willingham’s Fables comic series but set before those events, Fabletown is where its residents have fled from their other world to 1980s Manhattan/New York City to live amongst humans. They have to follow the laws set where they must purchase something magical called Glamour that helps them keep their human appearance to conceal their fairy tale identity. Sheriff Bigby (aka The Big Bad Wolf) (voiced by Adam Harrington) is now the Sheriff designated to uphold the laws and make sure that everyone stays hidden in this human world, if not, he has to send them off to The Farm.

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4 redaEpisode Summary: One night, Sheriff Bigby is sent to check on a racket at The Woodsman’s apartment.  There, he saves a prostitute from a drunk Woodsman. Later that night, her head appears on his apartment complex’s doorstep. He and Snow White (voiced by Erin Yvette) head off to investigate who she is and who killed her.

Impressions: Right away, the first impression of The Wolf Among Us is the beautiful graphic texture of the game. However, these nice graphics are always why I suspect the game lags a little (I played on Playstation 3). Stright from the first cutscene, it starts in. Also, loading the next scene is also slowed down sporadically as well, and during some action scenes.

Graphics aside, the choose-your-own-adventure style of game is an intriguing concept on its own. It gives us full control of who we want Bigby to be from choices that go from avoidant silent treatments to threatening reactions to certain situations. Everything you do to treat the characters merits a message of whether you’ve made a good choice or bad because the characters will appreciate, remember or fear Bigby and that may affect the outcome of future situations. It’s about being quick, reacting fast in action scenes and following your instincts. That’s about all the time you have. Plus, who doesn’t like to have a personalized experience of a game where your ending might be different from your friends?

Aside from Bigby being our key character, the familiar fable characters such as Mr. Toad, Snow White, Three Little Pigs, The Woodsman, really give us a familiar expectations on who those characters are and build from what we thought we know. Episode 1 sets us up with our main story and it ends with a bang (not literally). It wraps up action with a building story that keeps us guessing. Plus, its value for replaying is high because who doesn’t want to know whether we could save another character with just another feature.

The Moment In: The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith

The Moment: There are a few key choice moments in Episode 1. The story is set up so that we’ve discovered that the prostitute called Faith is part of a fable called Donkeyskin. Her fable talks about how she lives with a magical Donkeyskin cape that conceals her beauty so that her father won’t find her because he vows to marry the prettiest girl in the kingdom and that is she. Until, Prince Lawrence falls in love and sees through her hidden beauty. Right when we get a lead and head out to investigate her husband, Prince Lawrence, who Bigby thinks might be in danger, Mr. Toad calls about someone messing up The Woodsman’s apartment and asks for our help. Right when you think you don’t have a choice in Bigby’s conversation with Snow, we exit and have to decide where to investigate.  

Why it MattersThis scene is the first big decision. It’s about making a choice about who you think will give you more information in your investigation.  It’s the first choice that seems big enough that it’s about who lives and dies in the following scenes. The one that will probably spark the most discussion in the aftermath will be who do you want to save and help.  Would we save Prince Lawrence and get more information or find whatever we did in Mr. Toad’s apartment and who is responsible for the decapitation of Faith? If you made one choice and not the other, how would the other choice be different? This moment brings on a conflicting feeling.  It matters because it might mean how much further you discover with the case and just what clues we might be missing, except we don’t get to know unless we replay the episode completely.


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