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The Want To Play It Now Moment in the Rainbow Six Siege (Siege the Day) Trailer

The Rundown: Taking the Rainbow Six franchise in an entirely (but somewhat sensible) direction, Siege is a first-person shooter game where players choose sides (and gender) between terrorists and Rainbow Six counter-terror agents as they battle for control of map specific objectives.


The Gameplay: After the highly successful series (which has always feature cooperative play in lengthy campaigns stories) cancelled their next installment Rainbow Six: Patriots, developers shifted the gameplay to more localized strategy and removed entirely a campaign. Gameplay is based on cooperative tactics among teams on either side who must either repel incoming counter-terrorist units or defeat terrorists in a single setting. Depending on the side chosen, players have access to a number of weapons and attack or defend items that can be upgraded as play progresses. These include standard grenades and breaching weapons and upgrades to drones and other specialized armaments and gadgets that can be optimized by players before each conflict. The focus is heavily centered on teamwork and the game encourages continual communication between teammates, and supports a planning stage before the match begins, which harkens back to the game’s roots where players planned strategy and plotted non-player-controlled character actions before entering a level, a mechanic that was abandoned in the later installments.


The tipping point for this new entry is the environmental destruction, where realistic physics allow players to breach any wall or ceiling, which are affected by bullets, which can puncture through walls, up to high explosives that can instantly shift the dynamic of the match. Bullets themselves are affected by passing through walls and lose their damage depending on the strength of the initial impact. Game modes will include Hostage Mode, where terrorists try to defend their location and prevent operatives from extracting hostages and Terrorist Mode where players choose a side and fight against waves of computer-controlled enemies.

Want To Play It Now

David Says: I have been a fan of the series since its inception in 1998 and played every title in the franchise. The games have always featured some of the best tactical-shooting gameplay on the market with excellent cooperative play features that I still play to this day. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is arguably the best cooperative shooter ever made. I was disappointed when Rainbow Six: Patriots was cancelled and equally disappointed when it was announced the team was focusing entirely on a game that is basically a rebuild and expansion of the franchise’s Terrorist Hunt multiplayer mode seen in previous games. That said, the more I looked into it, the more I became interested, and the addition of a single-player feature (online only) is exciting. Watching these live action teaser trailers with Idris Elba is the icing. Emphasizing environmental destruction and improvisation, the clips really put to life the possibilities the game promises. No doubt, my Want To Play It Now Moment comes when the trailer shows a counter-terrorist breaching the ceiling and, in slow-motion, descending, gun-aimed, at a terrorist below. If this is doable in the game, this is why I’m playing.

Daniel Says: I only really got into Tom Clancy after playing the Splinter Cell games. After that for a while I immersed myself in everything Tom Clancy from reading his books to playing all the Rainbow games on Xbox 360. He really had an impact on every part of media and seeing the trailer for Rainbow 6: Siege was nostalgia rearing it’s beautiful face once more. It was fantastic was seeing Idris Elba at the start with his Batman like cape swinging in the wind and him talking to the camera, all cool and suave, the Idris Elba we all know and love. My Want  To Play It Now Moment was when Elba walks aways from the boarded up window and the window explodes from a C4 charge the counter terrorists set. This seems like an awesome part of the game because you can breach the house in any way you want including blowing up a bloody window. I saw some of the demos and it looks unreal how many different scenarios there are for us to consider as either the good guys or the bad guys. And when Idris Elba is advertising a game I’m sold. There’s no way that guy is advertising a game for the faint of heart. Rainbow 6 count me in!


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