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Korean Film Series: Seven Days (2007): A Mother’s Courage

A lawyer named Yoo Ji-yeon (Kim Yun-jin), who has been winning cases at a 100% rate, is outstanding at her job, which has put her in the spotlight. But recently her performance has affected her young daughter, Eun-young. Ji-yeon is not a good mother because she’s so busy all the time and doesn’t spend enough time with Eun-young. Naturally, Ji-yeon feels guilty for leaving her alone so often but has to work. One day, Eun-young has a festival day at her school where parents are invited to do fun activities with their children. Eun-young wants Ji-yeon to win first place in the relay race and so Ji-yeon promises to win. During the race, Ji-yeon runs as hard as she can and she crossed first at the finish line, and after the race, she looks for Eun-young with boastful face but her daughter is gone. Eun-young has been kidnapped in the wink of an eye.

승률 100%의 냉혈 변호사 지연은 뛰어난 실력으로 스포트라이트를 받지만하나뿐인 딸에게는 빵점짜리 엄마모처럼 엄마 노릇을 하기 위해 딸의 운동회에 참가한다그녀의 딸 은영은 엄마에게 꼭 달리기 시합에서 1등 해 달라고 부탁한다그녀는 최선을 다해 뛰어 1등으로 결승전에 도착해서 자랑스러운 얼굴로 은영을 찾고 있는데 은영은 보이지 않는다눈 깜짝할 사이 딸이 납치를 당한다.

Later, many police are in Ji-yeon’s house waiting for the kidnapper to call. When he does finally ring, the kidnapper’s voice is upset and tells Ji-yeon to get rid of the police, saying that if she doesn’t she will never see her daughter again. Ji-yeon becomes frantic, thinking and trying to dismiss the police but her plan fails each time. A few days later, the kidnapper calls again and tells her it is her last chance, suggesting she tell the police that Eun-young is at her grandmother’s. This works and sends them packing. Ji-yeon stays alone at her house and waits for a phone call.

많은 경찰들이 지연의 집에서 납치범의 전화를 기다리고 있다드디어 울리는 전화벨모두가 긴장한 채 지연을 바라보고전화기 반대편에선 한 남자의 화난 목소리가 들린다경찰들을 따돌리지 못하면 다시는 딸을 볼 수가 없을 것이라는 말만 남긴다지은은 미친 듯이 경찰을 따돌릴 방법을 찾지만 결국 그녀의 계획은 실패하고 만다며칠이 지나서 납치범에게 다시 전화가 걸려온다그는 그녀에게 이것이 당신의 마지막 기회이다경찰에게 누군가가 은경을 그녀의 할머니 집에 데려다 줬다.”고 그녀는 그가 시키는 대로 말하고 경찰을 보낸다그녀는 혼자서 그 남자의 전화를 기다린다.

He finally calls and explains that his requirement is not money. He wants her take the case of a person in jail who been falsely accused. His name Jeong Cheul-Jin and he was sentenced to death in court and has filed an appeal but with no success. The kidnapper thinks the “killer” was framed and wants Ji-yeon to free him. But she has only four days left to do it. Cheul-Jin is scheduled for execution. Ji-Yeon starts digging through hell and high water for evidence on the case. This gets police interested and they follow her, thinking she is acting suspiciously. She notices she is being tailed and pleads with them to leave her alone because the kidnapper will kill her daughter. Soon after, she gets another call from the kidnapper. He tells her that her daughter ate a tuna sandwich for breakfast and suddenly is having difficulty breathing. She panics but there is nothing she can do. She only has two days left. She visits the mother of the victim in the murder case. Ji-yeon introduces herself to the mother as a writer and the killer’s third victim’s sister. Ji-yeon tells her she wants to write about the suffering of the victim’s families. Ji-yeon lies to her and tries to dig up information about the woman’s daughter. She asks about her daughter’s personal life and if she had a boyfriend. The mother claims that she heard the killer hired a new competent lawyer to try and change the verdict to not guilty in the appellate court, but she thinks he must receive a death sentence. Knowing that the woman is talking about her, Ji-yeon feels guilty so she avoids eye contact. When it’s over, Ji-yeon has some clues. The victim took drugs before she was murdered and learns her boyfriend was there the night she was killed. He also has a nose piercing. These are clues that might turn it around.

마침내 걸려온 전화그의 요구 조건은 돈이 아니었다그는 살인을 저질러 1심에서 살인을 선고 받은 살인자를 무죄 판결을 받도록 변호를 해 달라는 요구였다그러나 그녀에게 남은 시간은 단 4일 밖에 없었다그녀는 미친 듯이 사건을 파기 시작하고 한편 갑자기 변한 그녀의 태도가 의심스러운 경찰들은 그녀를 미행한다그녀는 경찰의 미행을 눈치 채고 경찰들에게 당신들이 움직이면 내 딸이 죽어나를 가만 내버려두라고 호소한다그녀가 사건을 조사 중 그녀의 딸이 참치샌드위치를 먹다가 갑자기 호흡이 가빠지고 상태가 이상하다고 납치범으로부터 전화가 온다그 소식을 접한 그녀의 속은 타들어간다이제 남은 시간은 이틀… 초조한 마음에 살인범이 죽인 여자의 엄마를 찾아간다지연은 그녀의 엄마에게 살인범의 3번째 피해자의 언니고 작가인데 피해자 가족들의 고통을 책으로 쓰고 싶다고 속이고 그녀의 딸이 살았을 때 남자관계이상한 점은 없었는지 등 여러 가지를 질문한다그녀의 어머니는 그녀의 딸을 죽인 살인범이 유능한 변호사가 배정되어 2심에 무죄 선고를 받기위해 노력한다는 소식을 들었다면서 자기 딸을 죽인 범인은 반드시 살인을 구형 받아야한다고 열변을 토했다지은은 딸을 가진 부모 입장에서 그녀의 얼굴을 쳐다보지 못한다광적으로 사건에 파헤치던 지은은 살인 당한 여자가 마약을 복용했고코에 피어싱을 한 남자와 관계를 맺고 있다는 단서를 찾게 된다.

Directed Won Shin-yeon, who wanted to maximize the thriller genre, Seven Days had audiences going home and thinking about the story. Each piece and every scene perfectly fits with the circumstances, making for a tense experience. While promoting the film, a reporter asked lead actress, Kim Yun-jin, what was the most difficult part for her in making movie and she said it was the wide range of emotions she performed because she took on the role of a mother with a kidnapped daughter and at the same time she had to find way to win a murder case. She couldn’t just act sad all the time, she needed to show a character that realistically analyzed the situation. Her acting is so very convincing it kept me very focused on the story. 

일반 대중들의 입장에서 스릴러를 극대화 시키고 영화를 보고 난 후에도 영화를 각각의 정황들이 딱 맞아 들어가서 아~ 그럴수도 있겠구나라고 믿게 금하고 싶었다여주인공 이 영화를 찍으면서 힘들었던 점은 이 영화는 엄마가 납치된 딸을 위해 문제를 해결해야 함으로 어느 정도의 냉정함이 있어야하기에 만약 슬픈 모성만을 연기 할 수는 없었다. 감정선을 정하는 것이 어려웠다.

After watching the film, my first exclamation was how robust the film was. The story line has a lively description and the main actress was genuinely very emotional in the film and her acting was mesmerizing. This film presented a cool twist on a twist. This movie could have been predictable except for the stunning ending. The last scene changed the whole movie. Following Ji-yeon, I had experience about how easy people’s thoughts can be controlled by other people. While watching the movie, I never suspected another possibility, I was just following the main character. In other words, I was totally immersed in the story. That’s why the ending was so shocking and yet I would’ve done the same if it were me.

영화를 보고 처음 나온 말이 스토리 진짜 탄탄하다는 감탄사였어요. 스토리 전개도 박진감 넘쳤고 여주인공의 표정 연기 또한 모정을 제대로 느낄 수 있는 혼신의 연기였다. 영화의 마지막 부분이 되면 뻔한 스토리지만 재미있었네. 이런 마음이 드는 순간 반전의 스토리가 또 전개되더라고요. 세븐데이즈 영화를 보면서 사람의 생각이 다른 사람에 의해 좌지우지 대는지를 경험했다. 영화를 보는 내내 주인공이 이끄는 대로 생각하고 추측하고 전혀 다른 의심해 볼 생각을 못했다. 한마디로 몰입한 것이다. 그래서 그런지 마지막 반전이 더 충격적이고 내라도 그랬을 수 있겠다는 연민 같은 것도 생겼다.





Shin-yeon Won (screenplay), Je-gu Yun(screenplay)

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