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That Want To Play It Now Moment in the Just Cause 3 Reveal Trailer

The Rundown: The third in the popular open-world third-person shooter, the story takes place a few years after the explosive events of Just Cause 2 (2010). Our hero, Rico Rodriguez, has left The Agency he so valiantly worked for and is returning home to a small island nation in the Mediterranean. The problem is, the government is now run by a power-hungry dictator with schemes to try and take over the world. Now it’s up to Rodriguez to put his vast knowledge of paramilitary soldiering to work and take down the heavily fortified ruler and stop his madness before it’s too late.

The Gameplay: With a reported 1,000 Km (400 sq. mi) of playable area, Just Cause 3 looks to continue the mayhem that made the preceding games so popular. Imagine GTA with no limits. If you want to fly around in a wingsuit over the island of Medici, go ahead. If you want to grapple from building to building like Batman, do as you please. This is a game of infinite possibilities and things to do and it’s why Just Cause 2 was such a critically acclaimed game. With an open world third-person action, adventure game there’s going to be a lot to do. Just like its predecessor Just Cause 3 will feature the parachute and grappling hook that made gameplay so fun in the second installment. We’ll be able to travel all over the map in record time and can explore the jungles of the island or the city life. Luckily we’re also getting a revolutionary new addition to the game, which will allow us to explore even more…the wingsuit. Game mechanics have been completely revolutionized so that we can attach objects together (for example a human and a plane) with our grappling hook and laugh our asses off. There is also rumoured to be over 25 story mode missions and over 100 side missions to complete so it’s safe to say that this game will keep gamers busy for a while. It’s probably safe to say that Just Cause 3 will be the most fun we’ve had in an open world since GTA V came out 2 years ago.

That Want To Play It Now Moment

Daniel: When I played Sunset Overdrive a while ago I was reminded of the Just Cause series because of how ridiculously over the top all of these games were. But with Overdrive we didn’t get to experience the wonders of mayhem in an open world, third-person game. Being able to grapple from building to building without being Batman in the night is personally really exciting (not meaning I don’t enjoy The Arkham series, they’re amazing) but there’s something rather beautiful about being able to grapple onto a human if you see fit. I’m also super jubilous to find out that we can finally make our vehicles into weapons, meaning if we think putting two RPG’s on our car makes sense then Just Cause lets us go bonkers.  My Want To Play It Now Moment is near the start when we see Rodriguez flying with his wingsuit and landing on top of a plane and throwing the pilot out of the plane, and just straight out hijacking the jet. Even in GTA V that wasn’t possible, so to even consider doing this in gameplay excites the crap out of me. Just Cause is literally coming up with ideas that I couldn’t even imagine and that’s what makes these games so fun to play. In preparation for the game coming out early December I was playing Just Cause 2 on Xbox One (thanks to the Backwards Compatibility) and playing that created some serious nostalgia in me. But watching this trailer I can honestly say that this looks better than the second installment in the Just Cause series and that is “cause” for excitement.

David: The Just Cause series is about wonton, untold mayhem. At every turn, the player is given the ability to unleash as much destruction as they see fit in service of the story and the developers have continually created an ever-increasingly powerful arsenal of weapons to use and a richly populated playground in which to use them. With basic physics gleefully considered secondary to the stunts and action pieces in the enter franchise, there is a lot of fun in finding more and more creative ways in which to utterly decimate targets. This clips suggests that Just Cause 3 is not only happily bounding in the same direction but looking to up the ante and go as big as it can. My Want To Play It Now Moment comes after a number of impressive destruction sequences have already occurred (including a shot of a giant Boeing C-17s transport plane being used as a kind of battering ram), when a helicopter uses not one but two cars on a tow chain to strike at a communications array. Lots of explody things happen and it reveals just how wildly over-the-top and gleefully fun this sandbox destruction game can be and the potential it has for good times. 



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