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That Sneak Peak Moment in The Final Girls Trailer

The Film: The Final Girls

What We Know So Far: Not to be confused with Final Girl, this horror/comedy tells the story of how the daughter of an 80s scream queen goes to see a remastered re-release of her mother’s classic slasher film on the anniversary of her death, and a freak incident propels her and her friends into the film as a reality, but where all the tropes and movies styles of the genre exist in real time.

The Trailer: (Official #1)

Our Take

David’s Take: The genre is ripe for a revisit and while some have taken stabs (slashes?) at proper homage, such as the fantastic The Cabin in the Woods, this looks to take it in a whole direction and give it a fresh new spin that still looks as if the filmmakers truly admire the genre and want to respect it while still having some fun. Much like Wes Craven‘s New Nightmare, this appears to have the same concept with a much broader field of tropes to pick from and looking at the trailer, it delivers on an epic scale. Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson (Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas), the trailer has a nice style with some striking visuals that both remind us of the time period of the genre and a bit of fantasy that the theme suggests. This is a must watch.

Stage 6 Films Vertical Entertainment
From Left: Taissa Farmiga , Nina Dobrev, Thomas Middleditch, Alexander Ludwig, Alia Shawkat (Stage 6 Films
Vertical Entertainment)

Dan’s Take: I knew from the title this sounded like my kind of movie. David knew that too, blasting me with an enthusiastic message: “This is the next trailer to write about.” David was totally right! The Final Girl is a term reserved for the surviving heroine in a slasher flick. It always comes to an innocent virginal teenage girl who outlasts all her friends and kills the big bad baddie. Right away, the trailer let’s you know this is a spoof, with a twist. It’s like Scary Movie meets Last Action Hero. This ensures it’s more than just a bunch of Scream-like references. Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story) has the dramatic role, reuniting with her mother (Malin Akerman, Watchmen) on (in) screen. This part got me, “I know you die in the movie, but you don’t have to.” Looks like the story will have a heart too, in between all the jokes and slasher gore.

Taissa Farmiga (Stage 6 Films Vertical Entertainment)
Taissa Farmiga (Stage 6 Films
Vertical Entertainment)

What To Look For In The Trailer

David Says: I’ll start with the Friday the 13th sound effect that starts the trailer but say that the best Sneak Peek Moment comes from Thomas Middleditch as Duncan who is clearly the comedy relief (though it looks like there’s a few funny characters) who, while the group first encounters the “psycho killer” stops for a selfie. Perhaps not yet recognizing that the events are real, believing they are on a kind of movie set alternate universe, he hasn’t grasped the real danger. While the lurking, machete-wielding serial killer stands motionless is the tree line (surrounded by exceedingly bright flowers), Duncan blissfully whips out his phone and strikes a pose. This joke continues a bit later when he explains that blood in film is typically a corn syrup mix but when he samples it here…nope. It’s real. A very funny moment. The trailer promises both genuine emotion with comedy and should be a great time at the movies for horror film fans.

Thomas Middleditch (Stage 6 Films Vertical Entertainment)
Thomas Middleditch (Stage 6 Films
Vertical Entertainment)

Dan Says: Strange goo drips from the ceiling, coating the dazed and confused teens. The world goes black and white. One of the characters addresses their strange situation, “Why am I colour blind? Am I having a stroke?” Her friend replies, “We’re in a flashback.” This Sneak Peek Moment reflects the film’s creative concept, adding a really exciting layer to what could have been just a simple spoof movie. The idea that they are transported into a movie is the big selling point here. I wonder if one of them watched this movie a lot of times? If so they’ll know everything that is about to happen, so they can plan an attack. One sec, let me push up my nerdy glasses here. What happens when they alter the course of the movie? Will the movie adapt? And if they kill the killer, do they transport to the sequel? That said… Most of all, this Moment is funny. It gives you a good idea of the self aware humour that’s in store for us.


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