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Indecent Proposal and the MILLION DOLLAR Moment


The One Line Summary: The Sundance Kid rides into town with a phat wad of cash, paying for a night with G.I. Jane to play with his (Jeremiah) Johnson in this shexy (not really) film that, at the time, had every wife and girlfriend on the planet asking their significant other what they would do if a rich Robert Redford-type guy asked them to boink for mega-money and answering “No, honey of course not, you mean way more to mean than a million dollars” while in the back of their minds saying “I’d do it for half that!”

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The Two-Line Blurb: For a short time in the 90s, Hollywood churned out movies where wanting to having sex with Demi Moore was the central preoccupation of everyone on the planet. This is one of them.


The Three-Line Set-up: David (Harrelson) and Diana (Moore) have come to Las Vegas for one last chance at winning some cash to fund David’s dream real estate fantasy-thingy which of course goes horribly wrong when they don’t heed the advice of Wesley Snipes and instead bet on red and lose everything but that undies burnin’ love they have for each other. Along comes handsome billionaire John Gage who spies the curvy Diana in a slinky black dress and decides he wants to put The Sting to that hot mamma jamma. Over a game of pool, the three discuss.

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The Four-Line Moment: Want to see one of cinema’s greatest actors wreck decades of respect and honor in a film so laughably bad it almost completely tarnishes everything he’s done otherwise? Go see Marlon Brando in The Island of Dr. Moreau. That is simply dreadful. But Redford comes pretty close here as well.

The Five-Word Review: I propose we forget this.

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