The Last Starfighter and the Why Are They After Me? Moment

The One Line Summary: A trailer park video arcade game is actually a recruiting tool for would-be interstellar star fighters, but the winner is more interested in dating Catherine Mary Stewart than fighting alien bad guys with faces like swirled taffy, but that all changes when the fight comes to his back yard.

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The Two-Line Blurb: Galactically cheesy, this sci-fi adventure has a charm that is as addictive as, well, a good video game. Painfully silly CGI graphics (by today’s standards) only make the journey into space more fun as we watch low-budget aliens square off in battles as thrilling as a chess match between sleeping robotic opponents, yet somehow makes you want to cheer when it’s over.

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The Three-Line Set-up: Alex Rogan (Lance Guest) has been recruited but is reluctant to join up, even when Beta Alex, a droid that looks just like him is assigned to take his place in the trailer park. The recruiter, a dapper older dude named Centauri (Robert Preston), can’t seem to convince him of the urgency of the mission. Then a Zando-zan assassin stops by and offers some new motivation by way of his blaster pistol.

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The Four-Line Moment: The Zando-zan is not a character in an Olivia Newton-John movie, but rather a bug-eyed creepy killer that has only one mission: Kill Alex. And it nearly does. This is the moment when Alex realizes he really has no choice but to fight, as now the great war in space is coming to Earth. Off he goes into low-bit space combat.

The Five-Word Review: Star Wars with no budget.


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