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The Bounty and the I AM IN HELL Moment

The One Line Summary: A ship captain with a nasty disposition faces off against his first mate in this epic tale of mutiny, survival and Tahitian babes.


The Two-Line Blurb:  Mad Max has his hands full as his once friend now enemy, Captain Hannibal, er Bligh drives the men to inhuman working conditions in his quest to go ’round the horn of Africa and beyond. Filled with newbies that would go on to become award winning actors, the film is both a swash-buckling adventure and a heart-breaking story of love and betrayal.


The Three-Line Set-up: Fletcher Christian didn’t aim to be the leader of a mutiny, but he can no longer watch as his friend and Captain drive him and the men to such lengths. Missing the woman he loves and feeling the mission has become futile, he takes control but with terrible torment. When it nearly comes to blows on deck, he explodes in a tirade of rage and fear.


The Four-Line Moment: Mel Gibson has never been better as he becomes pressed between his service to the captain and the pressure of the crew. In a state of near madness, Fletcher is mesmerizing, declaring he will end his life after he runs the captain through with his saber. Gibson has never had a finer moment and he displays such power and passion that it stays with the viewer long after it’s over. Even among his generations most admired actors, such as Liam Neeson, Anthony Hopkins, and Daniel Day-Lewis, Gibson shines the brightest.

The Five-Word Review: Best Gibson movie he’s made.

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